Emixa stands at the forefront of digital transformation, delivering cutting-edge customized solutions tailored to the manufacturing sector. Our expertise spans across API, integration, ERP systems, e-commerce and databases. Thanks to Boomi’s low-code platform, we execute implementations at lightning speed, faster than any other platform. With a team of 530 dedicated professionals, Emixa is committed to elevating our clients’ digital capabilities, ensuring high-quality service and a competitive edge in today's rapidly evolving digital landscape.


  +31 85 800 0045

  Stadionstraat 15 (NAC Stadion)
Breda, 4815 NC Netherlands

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Stadionstraat 15 (NAC Stadion)
Breda, 4815 NC Netherlands
Phone: +31 85 800 0045


“The problem we had with our existing solutions is that it was based on old technology, which among other things, was not scalable. We were unable to connect new systems within a reasonable amount of time, prohibiting us to communicate with new customers and suppliers.”

“We are currently implementing our largest IT project ever. For this, we use Mendix for the application and Dell Boomi for the integration.”

“As soon as you have requirements that cannot be implemented in an ERP system with standard components, or if you want to integrate with multiple systems, then Appronto can certainly play a good role in taking care of that. Not for the least part because they have a great deal of knowledge of those underlying systems.”