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Level 15 680 George Street
Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia
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We understand that it isn’t necessarily a straight line to a robust, mature and well-documented set of core business processes. Our team of business analysts and architects can assist you to map out business process with an aim to standardise, document and optimise the life-blood of your organisation, whether it’s a single process in isolation, a siloed department in need of support or an end-to-end business process documentation. In addition to giving your organisation a single source of truth for procedures and work instructions, this is a critical step of discovery is an essential part of any automation initiative and helps identify prime candidates for automation that you may not know are there. Find out how optimised processes can be digitised or automated to maximise your return on investment.

Every organisation has people generating, massaging and loading data in one way or another, whether that’s an HR administrator onboarding a new user, a financial analyst conducting a credit check on a loan applicant, a bookkeeper reviewing expenses, or an IT systems administrator auditing desktop ownership. To prime these core processes at the heart of your business for automation these need to be repeatable, have predictable inputs and outputs, and with carefully managed change. We help digitise manual processes through DPA and low-code platforms that can be used to initiate workflow through structured forms, improving user journeys while also priming the structured environment you need to start your automation journey in earnest.

Automation is a powerful tool with extremely quick payback periods, with average ROI over 18 months is between 250-330% of initial investments. You can remove humans partially or entirely from processes, improve reliability of outcomes and mitigate compliance risk by removing human error - but this is only when you pick the right process to automate. We can help you ideate, identify high potential targets and prioritise the best candidates for automation, and then deliver these projects for you leveraging a variety of technologies. We use RPA, DPA, low code platforms and AIML to mimic human cognitive and digital behaviour, and are proven experts in picking the right solution for your needs across a variety of industries and business common functions.