ZeroedIn provides an agile technology and the in-house resources to bring meaningful reporting and data analysis alive for customers. Founded in 2004 and deployed in some of the most dynamic and complex environments, the ZeroedIn data analytics suite collects, analyzes, and distributes metrics and insights in a cost effective, secure, and easy-to-use format. Our combination of people, process & technology is what differentiates us. as we: Help customers determine what should be measured, how to best measure it and what impact it should have on the overall business and its operation; Provide onshore resources to extract, normalize, stage & visualize data specific to purpose and need, and Manage both system and data over time with or for customers.

ZeroedIn Technologies, LLC


  780 Elkridge Landing Road, Ste 208
Linthicum, MD 21090 US

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780 Elkridge Landing Road, Ste 208
Linthicum, MD 21090 United States
Phone: 410-242-6611


ZeroedIn partners with clients to help support the movement, transformation and visualization of data. As support for one or all of these projects, we can provide one-time or ongoing data management support to ensure your data is accessible and available, no matter what data visualization tools you’re using. We create a custom plan to support your business, taking all factors into consideration. From simple extraction and routing projects, allowing you to organize your data into your toolsets, to the most complex staged projects that include accessing your data, sorting it, and entering it into your platform of choice, we make it so that you can use your data more easily and effectively. ZeroedIn supplies additional resources and manpower for teams that need support to transform and analyze data. In these cases we work side by side with your teams to provide the critical data services that you need.

Discover how intuitive data visualization tools provide a clear path to success. We collect your data from literally any source by leveraging Boomi Integration and then our data visualization and analysis software creates feature-rich dashboards and reports using AI-powered analysis.